Variable Speed Pumping Systems

Vertical Pump Station – Silent Storm

The Flowtronex Silent Storm represents the apex of variable speed water pumping system technology. Designed for easy set and start, Silent Storm integrates precision computer control with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) efficiency, giving golf course superintendents the ultimate in fully-programmable pump stations.

Designed to meet specific requirements, Silent Storm VFD systems are completely UL Listed for both US and Canada, and CE rated for Europe. Available in vertical and horizontal configurations, Silent Storm irrigation pump systems work in harmony with our line of integrated water management solutions to bring the source water to the course.

Features and Benefits

  • Lug Style Discharge Isolation Valve – Isolates the pump system from the irrigation system.
  • Steel-Grit Blasting – Provides clean base for optimum paint adhesion.
  • ClaValve -Relief valve with inlet isolation valve.
  • 1″ Pump Plate – Prevents deflection and premature pump failure.
  • Fabricated Steel Discharge Heads – Integral air release chamber with leak-free packing box.
  • Integral Wet Well Access Hatch – Built-in hatch provides easy access and safe working environment.
  • Individual Pump Isolation Valves
  • Wafer Style Silent Check Valves
  • Protective Coating – 3 Year Warranty
  • Engineered Skid and Substructure
  • – Allows station monitoring access through the web. Interfaces with Toro SitePro.
  • Color Touch Screen – Menu driven and user friendly.
  • Switches & Lights – Individual device control.
  • VFD Viewing Window – View Drive Operations Without Opening Panel
  • Fusible Disconnect – Provides Ultimate Protection to The Pump Station.
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure – Provides optimum protection against water and debris protecting electrical components.
  • SmoothFlow VII – Operating software proven on thousands of systems.
  • Conduit – Attached to skid per UL requirements.