Control Systems

VFD Retrofit

Add variable speed control to an older fixed speed system with the VFD Retrofit control panel or quickly breathe new life into existing VFD pump station controls with the PLC Retrofit pump station control panel.
In the 1980’s, the incorporation of the VFD into pump system controls dramatically improved energy- efficient water distribution.

VFDs work by changing output frequency to regulate motor speed according to a programmed demand. By operating the pump at the best efficiency point, the VFD reduces overall energy consumption, extends pump life and eliminates the need for a power-wasting pressure control valve. Inrush current at startup is greatly reduced from 600% full load amps to as low as 115%, reducing stresses on the motor and associated switchgear.

While pump selection and station usage impacts the potential energy reduction, savings approaching 20% are achievable.

VFD technology also lets station controls operate at variable station discharge pressures.